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Visual acuity system and its benefits

Visual Acuity System Benefits

As an eye care practitioner, it is imperative to provide the best eye care services to patients. Part of providing the very best care is using the latest and most advanced technology like a visual acuity system. The visual acuity system is a leap in eye testing technology that helps develop a steady client base with improved technology. The technological advancements provided by a visual acuity system leave patients with a feeling of satisfaction and an enhanced sense of care and professionalism.

With the new visual acuity system technology eye care professionals can help patients experience the most advanced exam examine possible. No matter the ocular condition, a standard visual acuity system will provide detailed illustrations of ocular conditions allowing patients to easily see and understand their condition. In addition, a top rate visual acuity system should have pre-loaded cartoons and/or other kid friendly material that can help relax and calm child patients. For a truly patient centric approach, a state-of-the-art visual acuity system is essential to maintain existing patients and help increase a steady flow of new patients.

 Visual Acuity Systems: A new and different approach

One of the most  beneficial aspects of a visual acuity system are providing more efficient exams that help optometrists and/or ophthalmologists save time and money while providing the very best care. A visual acuity system allows for a more efficient exam allowing for more patients to be seen each day. The new and improved eye examination conducted with a visual acuity system also eliminates old antiquated projectors and the costly expense of purchasing replacement bulbs. Plus the yellow, fading screens, jittery projectors and the annoyance of constant focusing and zooming are eliminated.

Set yourself apart with iChartPlus Visual Acuity System

A single reputable, well developed visual acuity system allows eye care professionals to eliminate or reduce the use of antiquated equipment such as televisions, VHS and DVD players, charts, books etc. As an eye care professional with a top notch visual acuity system, like iChartPlus, separates him or herself from all other optometrist and ophthalmologist. In addition, iChartPlus also comes with a wireless remote that allows examinations to be conducted from anywhere and provides free software updates ensuring the most technologically advanced practice.

Visual Acuity System iChartPlus remote

Visual Acuity System iChartPlus remote

A visual acuity system like iChartPlus provides numerous benefits for both eye care practitioners and patients. With very little investment, a solution such as iChartPlus upgrades the practice itself and the patients’ experiences.

Digital eye chart – What is it?

What is a digital eye chart?

Today people are more comfortable with technology running their lives. The eye care industry is no different. One such example is digital eye charts which is a new technology that is here to stay. When patients’ are comfortable using technology in every aspect of their lives, ophthalmologists and optometrists should provide patients a technically advanced eye examination. Earlier eye charts were bulky pieces of equipment that had an antiquated projector and with smudged, yellow slides that left patients feeling generally dissatisfied with their eye care professionals. However today’s digital eye charts are far superior to its predecessor, the projected Snellen Chart.

Digital Eye Chart Software | iChartPlus

Digital eye chart installation using iChartPlus

The benefits of digital eye chart software:

Visual acuity software or digital eye charts are fast becoming the choice of both ophthalmologists and optometrists and also patients who have been looking for an improved eye care experience. In contrast to the earlier generation of eye charts, digital eye chart software helps produce a bright and clear screen for patients. Patients are better served with digital eye chart software and the wide array of services they provide.

The digital eye chart solution:

iChartPlus is a digital eye chart software solution that is fast, easy and simple to set up. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, iChartPlus works on any HD or analog monitor. The software is user friendly, configurable and dynamic. iChartPlus functions on both mirrored and direct view exam room set ups and can be viewed from a wide range of distances. And with the wireless remote (complete with short cuts and hot keys), it is easier to operate and move through examinations. Perfect for both large and small practices, iChartPlus digital eye chart software is cost effective, improves patients’ experience and increases return on investment (ROI).

Improved patient experience is the name of the game:

iChartPlus helps improve examination quality. It allows for isolation, single letters and/or rows and also shapes. The option of blacking out or whiting out the screen to facilitate examinations is also included. Educational and teaching opportunities are also available with the help of customized slide shows. To help with diagnosis and patient understanding, iChartPlus provides patients the exact view as doctors. iChartPlus digital eye chart software  is also allows easy moving from charts to videos and photos with just the push of a button. iChartPlus is state of the art, digital eye chart software that helps increase patient base, reduce eye examination time and provide an overall patient centric environment.

Digital Eye Chart Visual Acuity Software Helps Optometrist and Ophthalmologist Enter the 21st Century

Digital Eye Chart Visual Acuity Software Helps Optometrist and Ophthalmologist Enter the 21st Century


Tampa, Florida, USA – iChartPlus digital eye chart visual acuity software allows optometrist and ophthalmologist to provide the latest technology and best care to their patients.

iChartPlus, a digital eye chart visual acuity software company, knows today people are more in tune with technology than ever before however those in the ophthalmic field have been slow to embrace recent technological advances.

Take the eye chart for example. The eye chart is the one piece of equipment patients’ focuses nearly all of their attention during eye exams. In many cases the eye chart consists of a bulky, antiquated projector with yellowing or smudged slides which reflects poorly on the practice. Furthermore, this type of equipment does not speak to today’s technologically advanced patients that are surrounded by smart phones, tablets and HDTVs. The good news is improving the examination experience can be immediately achieved with the simple addition of a digital eye chart or visual acuity software such as iChartPlus.

With the addition of digital acuity software, optometrist and  ophthalmologist practices are instantly upgraded. The introduction of digital eye charts provides patients with the best possible eye care experience. By utilizing the latest technology, patients receive the best care, experience renewed confidence in their eye care professional’s ability and increase recommendations and referrals.

When evaluating digital eye chart visual acuity software systems there are many items to consider. For instance, iChartPlus has numerous beneficial features such as ten minute set up and calibration, exclusive Fischer pediatric symbols, Snellen Charts, Snellen letters, numbers, tumbling E’s and C’s, expandable digital photo and video gallery, translations in Spanish and Portuguese, instant download of upgrades and compatibility with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 systems. Not to mention many other beneficial services for both the eye care professional and their patients.

In the business world, everyone needs a competitive advantage or “edge” and that is no different for optometrists and ophthalmologists. Now thanks to iChartPlus digital eye chart visual acuity software for eye care professionals there is one simple, cost effective upgrade that will make practices stand out. iChartPlus improves patients’ outcomes while simultaneously boasting the bottom line. Finally there is a real competitive advantage for optometrists and ophthalmologists.

iChartPlus digital eye chart visual acuity software is the latest in eye care technology.

Digital Eye Chart Visual Acuity Software from iChartPlus

Digital Eye Chart Visual Acuity Software from iChartPlus

Digital Eye Chart Software and Its Importance of for Your Practice

The Importance of Digital Eye Chart Software for Your Practice

When providing patients the best possible eye care, digital eye chart software is essential

Recently there was a Wall Street Journal article about not being the office technology dinosaur.  Even though the article was really discussing the need for the older employee to keep up with today’s advances in social media, computer programs and other tools in the workplace to compete with younger counterparts in their companies, the same can be said for digital eye chart software.

There have been many new technologies we can place in our offices to do more for the patients while increasing the bottom line.  Usually those new pieces of equipment can run into the tens of thousands of dollars for the investment.  Couple that with falling reimbursements, some of these pieces of equipment can be hard expenses to justify.

Implementing a digital eye chart software solution is the biggest improvement you can make in your office for a small investment.  With iChartPlus digital eye chart software everyone in the practice will benefit.  The patients will be impressed with the clean, clear images you will have on the monitor or TV screen in your examination lane.  You will be able to randomize the letters, numbers or our exclusive Fischer pediatric symbols, thus ensuring the patient is actually seeing with your new refraction and has not memorized your previous slides.  The technicians will love the ease of set up, calibration and use.  The practice management and owners will be happy with our very cost effective pricing.

Digital Eye Chart Software iChartPlus

iChartPlus: The Leader in Digital Eye Chart Software and Visual Acuity Eye Chart Software

Digital eye charts will bring your exam rooms up to date and away from the dinosaur era of the projector slides with limited choices.  Add your own videos and digital photos to the software for a customized experience in your examination lane.  iChartPlus will keep you current and project the right image for your practice.